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GNDU RC Jalandhar

The Campus is located on the Jalandhar-Amritsar Highway about 3 kms from the PAP Chowk. Fulfilling the demands of people of Doaba region for quality education, Guru Nanak Dev University established its Regional campus at Jalandhar in 1979 with English, Punjabi and Law departments.
  • To provide professional competence to students with strong foundation in the core areas.
  • To continuously enrich the teaching learning process through linkages with industry, projects, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.
  • To provide holistic education to the students through inter-disciplinary courses and Life skill development programs i.e. co-scholastic & co-curricular activities.
Associate Dean’s Message

Dear Students

Congratulations, to all young aspirants for being part of GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar.

I feel deeply honoured to share that Guru Nanak Dev University has always been an excellent centre of learning for students for the last 47 years. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has awarded it the highest status of 'University with Potential for Excellence' as an acknowledgement to the university's contribution in teaching and cutting edge research of significance. The University is also accredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC. With the rapid advancement in the Information & Communication technology and emerging trends based on smart infrastructures has brought new challenges. The ability to create opportunities through innovation and to provide sustainable smart infrastructures has brought new challenges. The ability to create opportunities through innovation and to provide sustainable smart solutions to these contemporary challenges is going to be the forte of up-coming generation . . . . . . . .

Top Stories

Novato 2017

A melange of Technical and Law Department. For the first time, Technical and Law Department in Guru Nanak Dev University , Regional Campus Jalandhar have come together to host a single festival. It's a platform for young minds to showcase their talent, for thousands of students to express themselves through events ranging from coding, music, dance, lan gaming, legel events. Various events from engineering and law department are being organised. A number of fun events and stage events will put some entertainment to the event as well. We invite you to join us from 5th april to 7th april.

Sports Meet 2017

The sports meet was held in the campus from 3rd - 6th March,2017 with more than 15 sports events. The inaugral of the event was done by our worthy Associate Dean, Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra. The students participated with great enthusiasm in all the indoor and outdoor events. The event concluded and a number of student participants & position holders were honoured during prize distribution ceremony.

IIT Bombay Spoken tutorial program

Guru Nanak Dev University has signed an agreement with IIT Bombay for spoken tutorial Program. The Spoken Tutorial activity is funded by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India. A free workshop on PHP and MySQL was conducted in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering during Jan-May 2017. Students of the department enthusiastically participated in the workshop for SELF learning. Dr. Pankaj Deep Kaur, Assistant Professor, CSE was appointed as the workshop coordinator for the learning of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) namely PHP and MySQL. 18 students successfully completed the training and passed an online exam conducted remotely from IIT Bombay. Certificates for completion of PHP and MySQL training were awarded to the students.

TCS Workshop 2016

Senior dignitaries from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the giant IT services provider/the IT giant, visited the GNDU Regional Campus, Jalandhar.Mr.Rajit Sikka, Associate Consultant and Academic Relation Manager-India North, and Mr.Pankaj Bhardwaj, SAS consultant and Technical Architect, addressed the students on the various important aspects of the technological advances in the field of Telecom Convergence.Dr. Amit Chopra, Assistant Placement Officer, GNDU, Amritsar and Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra, Associate Dean, GNDU, RC, Jalandhar shared his valuable views and knowledge on the fast-paced technological updations, such as IoT- the Smart City.


In an effort to create awareness about the role of higher education and research, IIT Ropar conducted an outreach program for the students of the campus. The highly interactive and motivating session was held to bring forth the various unexplored and highly innovative upcoming aspects of various research spheres. The discussion also highlighted the opportunities in terms of career options, scholarships for the students of GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar. The advantages of a merger of high-end research facilities and academia were also discussed.


Basant is one of the seasonal festivals which marks the arrival of spring season. It bids farewell to winter and relieves us of biting cold waves of the winter. The nature which remains under the clouds of snow comes out and sparkles with full bloom of her beauty. We at GNDU Regional Campus Jalandhar celebrate Basant with great zeal and excitement. All the students participated in the kite flying contest with great enthusiasm. Multi-coloured kites covered the vast sky as they flew far and high, with heights matching the great unparalleled aspirations of the students at our campus.